Prayer Breakfast

2nd, 3rd, 4th Saturdays Monthly

The men gather at rotating houses for breakfast, fellowship and prayer.  This one of the ways to bond into the fellowship. You are invited to bring a friend and share the blessing.

Contact us for location.  Once you provide your phone number, you will be added to a group contact list that notifies you of any change in schedule. This is done by txt.

I hear they eat Burgers for breakfast!

Fishing Fellowship


The men set aside a week-end to camp together, fish, 

cook out of doors, enjoy a good camp fire.

No shaving, no one says what to eat, when to eat, or what to wear.

The dates are announced early so you can get your permits to fish, to camp or whatever is needed in plenty of time.

This is a great time for dads to bring their sons and have some special time with them.

Friendship happens here!